Woven Label

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  • Damascus tissue
    Manufactured son Tags SINCE THESE 10 to 200 mm. wide with strings from 1-8 colors Inside The Great Variety of colors, and nail High Definition Designs ; Ideal para child garments very upscale and complex design that can develop without any problem for its finish .


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  • Cut Label .
    Currently , the labels are closely linked to fashion ; are not added to the pledge, but become part of it. With our Tags Photo , the union of high quality text and photo-realistic figures that prints high definition, giving a character exclusivida and innovation to this label, suitable for garments with style.


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  • Shields (laser cut).
    SENVATEX has an advanced cutting system high power laser punched tissue creating truly unique ways , thanks to this system can be made in any shape embossed exterior , prints on the fabric , and even perforation of letters , logos or logos in inside , an ideal accessory for uniforms (schools , institutions , etc. ) . The introduction of the laser is a major advance over traditional cutting systems , improving the accuracy and quality of the cut.


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  • Taffeta Fabric
    These labels are developed in taffeta , white or black foot from 10-200 mm wide and 1-8 colors; worked in blue, black , white, wine , pine green , beige background. They are ideal for ladies garments and youth centers .


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  • Satin fabric
    Woven labels on satin fabric that can be manufactured from 10 to 100 mm . wide; getting standing on a white gray background colors of blue , beige , and which can be applied to 1-8 colors of thread. They are used for fine and elegant garments , due to its bright appearance and smooth texture.


    Woven tape

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  • Woven tape
    Woven ribbons can be used as decorative part of pasamaneri├Ča , tapapuntos or borders .


    Woven Bracelet

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  • Woven Bracelet
    Woven bracelets customized for any event : Political Campaigns , Social Events , Schools , Firms .